Frequently Questions

What requirements does my computer need?

The recommended requirements are: 

- Intel i3 / i5 or equivalent 

- Graphics Card 512Mb DDR3 

- 4 GB or more RAM Memory 

- 2 GB of free hard disk space (SSD     or 7200rpm) 

- Resolution of 1920x1080 px 

- Windows 7, 8, 10

What does the program include?

The version includes: 

- Database of two suppliers. 

- Complete design of windows             without limitations. 

- Design and calculation of aluminum   facades. 

- Complete management of budgets,   bills of lading and invoices. 

- Complete management of orders,     bank accounts and suppliers. 

- Statistics and reports. 

- Complete technical service without   limit on care

Do you teach me how to use the program?

YES. In addition to a multitude of videos available on our Youtube channel, along with the recruitment includes a complete course that we do through phone + internet. In addition to this, thanks to great technical support that we offer without limitation of calls, your learning will be continued. 

Does the program include updates?

YES. We continuously update suppliers, pricing and program version. All these updates are included and are done automatically from your computer via the Internet. 

Does the program have any cost besides maintenance?

DO NOT. We do not charge anything for the program, you only get the maintenance service. In this way if you decide to stop using the program someday, you only have to withdraw without cost. 

What does the maintenance service include?

The maintenance service includes:

- Updates of vendor databases (New   series, new profiles, etc). 

- Updates of prices of suppliers. 

- Updates of new suppliers. 

- Update of the program with               improvements and new functions. 

- Unlimited telephone service. 

- Resolution of doubts and problems. - Help and advice in the                         configuration of the program. 

- Complete course of learning.

Can I enter data and providers in my program?

YES. The program is totally free and unlimited in its database, you can create and delete everything you want, always under your responsibility. 

Can I connect the program to my cutting machines and machining centers?

YES. Our technical department is specialized in connection protocols of any machine on the market. You can fully automate your workshop thanks to the connection modules and can connect with machinery of any type.